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Kalika @ Threshold 2016
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I decided instead of writing an essay of how I started writing songs when I was two and blah blah blah, I thought I could interview myself so you get some juicy info about my story and the artist behind these songs….


What is music to you?

Music is a tasty audio delightful treat of beats, bass, melodies, lyrics and frequencies that can send tingles all over, make your limbs flash out in explosive euphoria, provoke interesting thoughts in your mind, relax you, invoke nostalgia, motivation, love and sometimes just pure life affirming happiness.

Like I said before, medicine for the soul, but it has no side effects!


When and how did you start?


Mum forced all 3 of my sister to learn an instrument from the age of 5 yrs old. She made us practise every day and even though it caused a few passionate rows whilst being a teenager I am now very, very grateful. I played Piano from 5-13 yrs , Clarinet 13- 15yrs old and then learnt to sing when I was 15-17yrs. I taught myself guitar on the side to write songs with and then went onto to do a BTEC in Popular Music and HND in Music Performance.


Who are your influences?

Who isn’t my influence?! My friends, family, lovers, trees, tea, general life hoohaa’s !!! Aretha Franklin and Tracey Chapman were my first singing coaches. I know every lyric and melody to most of their songs. Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, Roberta Flack, Feist, Sia, Nick Drake, Lamb, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, Jamiroquai, Bob Dylan, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Bach, Chopin, Charlie Parker, Ella Fitzgerald, Nine Simone, Louis Armstrong. There are too many greats to label. The first Album I bought was The Nutcracker by  Tchaikovsky for 10p at a car boot sale. I spent hours sitting on my knees with my eyes shut pretending to conduct all the different parts of the orchestra. It was amazing!


Why the name Kalika?


Kalika is my middle name. When I was born my ma and pa were part of a guru ashram and they sent a letter to their Guru to say that I had arrived and was live and kicking on this planet. He sent a letter back saying ‘ May she have a creative and prosperous life’ and give her the name ‘Kalika’ which means Goddess of time (wow!) or a bud. This is quite funny as time is definitely not one of my strong points!


Top 5 albums of all time?


Based on a true Story – Fat Freddy’s Drop

Blue – Joni Mitchell

Bad – Michael Jackson

Gracelands – Paul Simon

Innervisions – Stevie Wonder



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